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Luke’s Halloween Challenge

As silent as a ninja, wings as red as blood, as tall as a full-grown tree, the creature appeared. No force of any living thing can stop this monstrous creature. As this part devil, part dragon, part vulture emerges from a grey cloud of mist, it enters its dungeon lair. The stench of dead animals fills his nostrils as he steps into his lair. Looking around, he sees the blood and bones of other living things which were his leftovers. It had been a great dinner. Now, as he lays down to rest, he thinks about how wonderful daisy picking is!

Alyssa’s Halloween Challenge

As sly as a cat, she came upon the creaky wooden floor boards.  Although, you could not hear her when she walked on them because instead of walking, she levitates in mid air.  Her saggy skin is as dark as the darkest leaves of the saddest tree.  Her eyes are small and hollow and she has hair as long as her body length.  She can disappear within an instant, but you can only see her during the night.  She cannot speak but she can control you with a gesture of her hand.  She calls herself Shadow, but others call her Wind.

Ed’s Halloween Challenge

If you visit the night zoo, there is one creature you should look out for. It doesn’t have a name but it has green, slimy scales. Its stealth, flying creature with fingers as sharp as knifes. It has bloody red eyes with a tale as a spike ball, with sharp spikes coming out of its feet. Its teeth are like a shark, a tongue like a snake and ears like a gremlin. If you go to the night zoo look out for him and make sure you don’t get too close or something bad may happen……

Scarlett’s Halloween Challenge

Emerging from the foggy night sky appears a blood-shot eyed demon with four green spiky, sharp tentacles. With a blade as sharp as a knife and deadly weapons at the tips of its hands, it is ready to kill its victim. BANG! The demon monster vanishes into the black, rusty, charcoal chimney and into the dark of the big, rundown, white mansion. Where will he be? Maybe in your house, peeking behind a door, lurking in the shadows, looking at you right now ready to pounce at you and make you its prey….. WATCH OUT.

Amy’s Halloween Challenge

Its slimy body slithered across the hard, concrete ground. Its huge, bouldering eyes scanned the space. Occasionally the creature would extend its long tongue out. Its gigantic ears picked up any sound around its surroundings. The gigantic creature would suddenly HISSSSS; the sound filling the space like a sound of a cat scratching its fingernails on a chalkboard. Then there would be pure silence, as if you could hear a pin drop. The creature opened up its luminous wings and flew away into the midnight black night. Always beware of this creature that will be lurking around the night zoo.

Lili’s Halloween Challenge

“Ssssssss,” the sound flew through the dark, misty night sky. “Crack!” a branch broke and all of a sudden four glooming red eyes appeared, but only just slightly. Then there was a high pitched scream coming from the north end of the rusty old house, you could hear an evil laugh slithering closer, closer. The red eyes appeared again, but this time you could hardly see them because of the misty fog scattered around the darkness of the sky, but then black shiny scales flew at you like a lighting bolt. All you could hear was the slither drifting away…..

Ben’s Halloween Challenge

A scampy creature slithered along the grimy surface, edging ever closer to its wretched prey. His skin crumpled, as slender legs emerged from its rigid back. A deafening laugh ricocheted off the towering walls of the manor. His face loomed out of the shadows; scars slashed his face, his heavy dark body shadowing his victim as it was sounding its final screech. The setting around them had altered to red. Searching for his new purpose, suburbia brightened his eyes. He crept along the gloomy street remaining only in the shadows. It noticed a family roaring, “Dinners ready!”

Lottie’s Halloween Challenge

Her skin was a greeny blue, the complete opposite to her black intimidating eyes that were always fixated on her next prey. Midnight-black pulled out hair, bald spots covering her bony, fierce scalp. She’d swim in the air above you, her long, sharp teeth ready to taste your blood as it trickled down from her bite, your last scream etched onto your face. No one was safe as she might come for you next. Her targets all end up as wandering souls, searching through lost memories, not knowing what had hit them, and hit them hard.

Italian Day

Hi Guys,

Hope school has been good and that Teddy survived the Cannata’s! On Wednesday we are making pizzas so could you please bring some topping. We will get the bases and sauce, so all you need is whatever you like to eat on your pizza!

Also if there are any mums that can help between 11.30-1pm to cook the pizzas could you drop me an email as I won’t be back at school until Wednesday.

Don’t forget to dress up for the day!

Social Justice

1human rights: I never knew that so many kids help with human rights, and even at such a young age make a huge difference.

2 refugees: I never knew that kids that got out of there horrible countries, go back there when they are older to try and make their old country a better place to live in.

3 refugee’s agency: I found that the united nations dose a very good job to help the very poor refugee boats.

4 green peace: green peace activities are trying their best to protected the arctic habitat from the oil well as much as possible.

5 refugee school: I found out that there are so many schools that help the refugee kids become a part of the Australian culture.

6 racism: I found out that %89 of kids aged 13 and 17 are undergoing racial discrimination.

7 inside dentition: I round out that 2 are off the mainland Australia and 1 is in a different country.

8 Syria: many children in Syria have to face hard jobs every day to help there poor family live.

9 young refugees: I found out that many kids go on their own on a refugee boat without any parents.


By Jonty

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