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About our Grandparents……

On the weekend I interviewed my nonna and nonno from my dad’s side.  They came from Italy and came here during the 1940’s.  Some of the family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation are carbonara, meatballs, potato frittata, many different meat and pasta dishes and many different deserts.  One of my nonna and nonno’s cultural events that they used to celebrate was the Epiffany and the La Befana.  These were two very highly known and praised events.  The most important inventions that my nonna and nonno have witnessed in their lives are medicine, technology, and commercial travel.  These events were a major impact in my nonna and nonno’s lives. By Alyssa



Last Friday I interviewed my Nanny on Grandfriends Day. My Nanny’s family origin is Slovakian and Italian. One of the family recipes they have passed down through generations is halushky. Our family tradition is to make goulash and we make it at Christmas time. The invention that was the most important in my Nanny’s lifetime was the television. This is because she always loved how things worked and she found it very interesting.

By Scarlett


Last Friday I interviewed my Nana on Grandfriends Day. My Nana’s family origin is English and one of the recipes they have passed down through generations is roast lamb. One of our family traditions is to come together as an extended family to celebrate Christmas. The invention that has been the most important in my Nana’s lifetime is the computer. This is because the computer was a new technology device that was a massive jump in technology.

By Zac



Last Thursday I interviewed my grandma on my mother’s side. My grandma is from Irish origin. In my grandmothers life she believes that they best invention is the M.R.I because the idea of seeing someone’s nerves inside them seemed amazing!

By Ben


Last Friday I interviewed my granddad on Grandfriends Day. My grandparents family origin is from Holland, and one of the recipes that they had over there was hutspot. One of their family traditions was to celebrate Christmas with the extended family. The most important during his lifetime was the computer, because he thought that it was better because he hated looking in books.

By Jonty


On Grandparents day I interviewed my nana. She was born in Australia but her dad was born in Italy. My nana cooks spaghetti bolognese, risotto, minestrone soup, porpetti and gnocchi from her culture. She told me that there are so many great inventions since her grandparents were born, but she said two of the best inventions would have to be antibiotics and television.

By Amy


Last Friday it was Grandparents day. We had to survey our grandparents about their family origins.

I surveyed my grandma. She said that there were no cultural foods or family recipes that were passed down the family.

But she did say that there were some cultural events that have been kept alive and because my family background is Irish my grandma said that the main tradition is St Patrick’s Day, which she celebrates. She said that the greatest inventions since she was born are the radio, computer and moving images.

By Angus


Last Sunday I interviewed my Grandma. My Grandma’s origins are English, Irish and Scottish and one of the recipes they have passed through the generations is chicken casserole.  One of our family traditions is to have a big family Christmas lunch with turkey and pudding. The invention my Grandma believes is the most important invention in her lifetime is the computer, this is because it is very useful and has helped many people over the years.


By Millie

Grandfriends Day

On Friday we celebrated Grandfriends Day! We met our grandparents at church and then listened to some readings and songs that told us about how special Grandfriends are. We then headed back to school. Our Grandfriends were invited to tea, coffee and cake. We also got to show our Grandfriends our work that we have completed! Then it was time for our Grandfriends to leave! It was a great morning spent with our Grandfriends!

By Amy

La Festa Italiana

On Wednesday our school celebrated La Festa Italiana. La Festa Italiana is a day where St Dominic’s Primary School celebrates a day that’s all about Italy and its culture. As part of the celebration we had to dress up in Italian colours or as an Italian icon. During the day we participated in many different activities linked somehow to Italy. Each class did their own individual activities from the start of the day till lunch time. As part of 5/6 Baker, after recess we went and played Tombola with our Year 1/2 buddies. This worked in a rotation form, as when half of 5/6 Baker and their buddies where playing Tombola the rest where in the classroom making our very own PIZZAS to eat for Lunch!!! Once we had all finished both making pizza and playing Tombola we made a window where we open up the windows and inside we had drawn symbols of a country that we would like to visit.

An activity the whole school participated in was covering a shape of Italy with Italian symbols and little icons of its culture and country that we had found in magazines and on the internet, also in the pantry!! There was a winner out of each class and then a winner out of them for the whole school.

After everyone had enjoyed a small tub of gelato, and had a nice run around for lunch, the whole school then headed into the hall for a performance about La Festa Italiana. The performance was played by two magnificent men, Mario and James, who played various characters throughout the performance. It was a very entertaining performance and we believe the whole school enjoyed all of it.  That was how our school celebrated La Festa Italiana!

By Alyssa and Bianca

La Festa Italiana on PhotoPeach

Katherine’s Halloween Challenge

The monster of the night, a Big Black figure appears with his googly eyes shining. He has big colossus hairy feet. A very big head and he has the spikiest teeth. His hands where covered in blood and fur. His body looked like he had been attacked widely. He was huge. I ran outside but the ravenous monster was chasing me with his mouth watering. Chasing me with his loud roar. I was running as fast as I could so he would not eat me, so I run towards the gate and I run out the night zoo with a relief.

Angus’s Halloween Challenge

In the shadows of the dark cage all that could be seen were the red eyes of the beast that roamed the empty cage, filled with torture and fearlessness. Hung up all around the cage were the dead skeletons of the best Australian soldiers who had lost fights against the great beast. The very strange people that happened to visit the night zoo knew that the soldiers didn’t have a chance against the beast because with his gigantic horns and swords sticking out all over his body it was very easy to tell that he was immortal.

James’s Halloween Challenge

A tall, smoky, dark black figure appeared in the distance. It had red eyes, four arms and two heads. The thorns on its head were as sharp as a razor. It looks as strong as ever. Spikey knives and hammers coming out of its hands. It had come out of the misty shadows, it was at least seven feet tall. The monster was standing right in front of me, breathing the strong cold air out of its nose and nearly blowing me off my feet. Well what are the chances, it did. It blew me to the end of the street.

Will’s Halloween Challenge

A creature of the night, the undead, awakens. A duck might sound harmless enough but with curly eyes and claws as sharp as knives, I think not! With blood of its victims drooling, it’s hungry for YOUR BRAINS!!! Come to the night zoo but beware of the extremely dangerous zombie duck. Old tales of the infamous zombie duck are coming back to life. Its believed that the duck is a very strange creature, killing people all over the world mostly striking your country, your suburb. This is a creature of the night  so come to the night zoo to get a fright.

Ruby’s Halloween Challenge

Lighting thrashed and with a mist of fog a black figured appeared. Next to the dark figure was a big golden bag that shimmed through the misty fog. As she stood there, it seemed as if she was backwards with a snake and pitchers as hands, she had devils feet a cobwebbed had and a green slimy face with blood red cheeks and a big like wart on her nose. As she walked slowly she had a slight tilt she clamed up into the creaking door and slammed it behind her. Ever since then there has been loud BANGS………………

Michaela’s Halloween Challenge

The big figure stomped its way through the long narrow hallway. You could see eight hairy arms and a body as big as a bear. The glaring red eyes stood out in the darkness. As it moved towards the smashed window, you could see the big and sharp fangs sticking out. Suddenly the figure disappears, there is a gust of wind. Everything goes silent. BANG! The whole room shook like an earthquake. It appeared and made its way to the end of the room and stopped. No one knew what was going to happen next.

Lara’s Halloween Challenge

‘Clitter, clatter,’ a mysterious creature flew down into the dusty window of a strange house. ‘Crack,’ went the windows. It went inside, not making a single noise as it flew across the long, skinny hallway of the house. Its green eyes glowed in the dark of the night. Its arms and legs were scaly and slimy. It crawled along the corridor that led into a large room, where a tall, black figure stood. The figure saw the creatures bright eyes glow. The figure was the owner of the house. He tried to escape but soon got stopped…

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