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Luke 100WC

The violent storm was unexpected, as it was sunny just ten minutes ago. The saying Melbourne has four seasons in one day is so true. “This storm is as bad as a giant vacuum sucking the town up. Start evacuating the city!” exclaimed the news reporter. The Tritain family bolted to their unpacked suitcases and bags. Whilst they were packing them the could hear kids screaming because of their house had crumbled in to pieces! Jack, the only child, looked outside through the window and saw families running, trying to survive this monstrous storm. Luckily the Tritain family had a solid house.

Max’s 100WC

The violent storm was shaking up our house causing teapots and glass from our chandelier to fall to the floor. The sky outside was so dark that it seemed like bedtime at only 1:00 pm. Luckily our house was made out of solid titanium and our windows which were only glazed twice. The rest of the street had tripled glazed which were really strong. So on the storm went. We did everything possible to keep ourselves safe whilst the raging storm went on outside blowing houses and cars away. It was really shocking to see our massive house windows be shattered by wild winds.

Ruby 100WC

I woke with excitement because it was the first day of school, but not if the violent storm was still going. I couldn’t hear Mum or Dad so I looked out onto the street of my country home and trees had fallen down. Then out of nowhere my room lit up with a bright light, it was the lighting.  “BANG,” went the thunder. I jumped. Then my Mum and Dad’s bedroom door opened. I closed the blinds and jumped back into bed. They came in and sat down and said that there was not any school today. 

Alyssa’s 100 WC

I was running as fast as a race car, through the forest jungle.  The storm was chasing me, it knew I was there and it was following me.  There was no turning back, I had to think of myself before I thought of others.  The violent storm was getting louder and more horrifying by the minute.  I was running out of energy and I was running out of luck.  I let out a deafening scream before I was pulled into the storm.  The scene was over and it was time for my break.  It had been a long day and I needed some lunch.

Will’s 100WC

The violent storm like thunder was, demolishing everything in its path, absolutely everything. Three…Two…One…Action “Hello we are here now live from the Dublin storm, this is very deadly and it is capable of mass destruction. “Aarrrrrggggghhhhhh, nooooooooooo.”  (In the studio) “Unfortunately we have lost our crew broadcasting the storm. This is a deadly storm that has taken lives, houses, cities and even pets. So far sixty nine lives have been lost, thirty injured and twenty escaping safely. This fatal storm should hopefully die down in three day. That’s all from us, channel two news see you later bye.”

Lili’s 100WC

The violent storm was horrific; the loud bang of the stormy wind kept crashing through the glass windows of my brick house. All of a sudden, I hear shattering coming from the dark end of the house. I jumped with horror, my teeth clattering. I slowly tiptoe to the cupboard and grabbed the torch. I turned the torch and started walking towards the dark end of the house, I suddenly feel a drift of wind, and it was a cold as an iceberg. Suddenly I felt something pulling me in and all of a sudden I woke up from a terrifying dream.

By Lili

Gee’s 100WC

The floors creaked as I stepped through the old, abandoned house. Water was leaking through the roof as fast as a waterfall when the rickety roof was starting to snap. The floors flooded as the water was flowing up to the level of my knees. The violent storm was hazardous, the walls and roof plunged in when my feet took off the ground and I fled the building. In the distance, I vaguely saw a small hut, hoping to get some well-earned shelter but I had to run there in the rain! I turned back to see the house completely collapse.

Millie 100 WC

The violent storm was approaching the town, gusts of winds tearing off roofs of innocent people’s houses. The storm was louder than a big crowd at a big stadium, yet you could still hear shrieks coming from the town below. Rain was belting down, flooding the roads and houses of the already destroyed town. Nothing could stop this storm now that it was at its strongest rate. The small town was left with nothing. In this small town hope was gone. As the storm began to retrieve, you could clearly see that it was demolished. Winds still blew but that was the only sound.

Lottie’s 100 WC

The violent storm was thrashing against Sara’s windows. The rain drops running down the glass as if they were racing against each other, sprinting for the fastest finish. Sara listened to the screaming of the wind, along with the thumping beat that came from her earphones. It felt as if the house was shaking, shuttering from the cold, icy, hail drops. “When will this all be over?” She asked herself loudly, only just hearing her voice over the commotion outside. Suddenly, the house went black. Home alone in the dark while a storm erupted from the clouds outside was not her ideal Friday night…

Grandparents Interview

My grandma is from town called Eldoret in north western Kenya. My grandma has been taught how to make roti, Palau and all kinds of stews. In my grandma’s culture there are all kinds of traditions such as the something called the rite of passage which is to do with passing from being a child to being an adult. This happens for both boys and girls and involves the girls getting together with older women and boys getting together with older men and talking about things to do with being grown up and having responsibilities. In my grandma eyes she thinks that the most important invention was the computer.

By Jemma


Last Friday I interviewed my Mama on Grandfriends Day. My Mama’s family origin is English and Irish and one of the recipes that has been passed down each generation is Roast Lamb. One of our family traditions is family celebrations where our whole extended family get together. The invention that is the most important to my Mama is the computer. This is because it holds lots of information.

By Ruby


Last Friday, I interviewed my Nonna on Grandfriend’s Day. My nonna’s family origin is Italian and some of the foods that have been passed on through generations are: homemade pasta, pitzelle (a traditional Italian biscuit), tiramisu, more traditional biscuits and much more. Some of our family traditions are: getting together for Easter, Christmas and birthdays and having a ‘tomato sauce making day.’ The invention that was the most important to my Nonna in her time was the mobile phone. This is because in her time, you could reach people easier and much quicker than having to send a letter.

By Lara


I interviewed my Grandpa on my dad’s side who is from England. They came to Australia in the 1970’s. A food that has been passed down is roast lamb and sticky date pudding. One of our family traditions is we all get together on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas and Easter. The most important invention to him was the computer because it change the way he lived.

By Ed


On Tuesday the 29th of October 2013, I interviewed both my Nana and Nunu on my Mum’s side. My Nana immigrated from Malta to Australia with her family in 1962, when she was 11 going on 12. My Nunu immigrated from Malta to Australia with his family in 1965, when he was 16. Some of the foods that my Nana and Nunu cook that are tradition to Malta are; Ravioli, Pastii, Stew-fart, Rabbit, Macaroni, Uh (type of Maltese biscuit), and Galletti. A cultural event that my Nana and Nunu still perform is making Figoli at Easter time for everyone. My Nunu thinks that the most important invention since he was born is the invention of the computer. My Nana on the other hand is not quite sure.

By Bianca

Last Friday I interviewed my Nanny Chris and Nanny Posar. My grandpa’s family origin is Italian and his father taught him how to grow fruit and vegetables well. Many salad recipes have been passed down the family. My great grandma was Irish so she celebrated St. Patrick’s Day very seriously. Both sides of my family celebrate Christmas and Easter every year. My grandma believes the most important invention since she was born is vaccinations for babies to stop illnesses such as polio, measles and TB.

By Michaela


This Tuesday I interviewed my Nonna. My Nonna’s family origin is Italian. One of the family recipes that has been passed down through the generations is pasta. One of our family traditions is to celebrate Christmas with our extended family. The most important invention in my Nonna’s lifetime is the TV. This is because the TV lets everyone watch many different types of shows such as comedy, drama and romance.

By Max


Last Friday I interviewed my Nonna on Grandfriends day. My family origin is Italian and some of the family recipes they have passed down through the generations are homemade Pasta, homemade pizza, Pitzelle (A traditional Italian Biscuit), tiramisu, homemade Traditional Biscuits etc… Some of family traditions are coming together for Christmas, Easter and Birthdays and we used to make tomato sauce when my Nonno was around. The invention that was the most important in my Nonna’s lifetime is coloured Television (invented by Peter Goldmark).  This was important to my Nonna because she loved TV and when coloured TV was invented my Nonna was thrilled with excitement.

By Lili


Last Friday, I interviewed my Grandma, Grandpa and Nana on Grandfriends Day. My dad’s family’s origin is Irish and on a Sunday, the family make a lamb roast, in fact, the same recipe my family use. My mum’s family’s origin is English with a family recipe passed down through the family being shank soup as well as battered fish. A family tradition on my dad’s side was Gaelic Football, being an Irish background and making tomato chutney as a family. On my mum’s side, a traditional event that my grandparents experienced was an event called Toss the Caber, but I am not quite sure what it involves! An invention that has impacted to my Nana and her family was Computers, Television, Sliced bread and mobile phones. These inventions changed their lives helpfully with the impressive technology that the world has developed. This is also the same with my grandpa and grandma and their reasons.

By Georgia

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