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Georgia’s 100 Word Challenge

I travelled all the way here, to Port Stevens to swim with these ferocious sharks and my mind is telling me not to do it. As I feel determined, I knew I couldn’t do it but there was no turning back now. The bulky wired cage lowered into the crystal water; looking down, I was surprised to see no vicious sharks, no undersized eerie fish, nothing, lurking in the waters below. As I took a glance above, my heart pounded as I saw a large hole in the cage, a huge shark was charging before us with no time left.

William’s 100 Word Challenge

When I heard about the 1000 m drop I thought that I’d easily make the jump without being scared. Still feeling confident on the plane I jostled up a few of the crew. They told me to not be nervous or scared (just because I am a teenager) so I would reply yes…yes. As we reached the dropping point I didn’t feel so fearless. A commentator announced setting a world record for the youngest skydiver at 1000 meters high. Looking down I was surprised how high I was and that is when the butterflies kicked in and I took the plummet.

100 Word Challenge

This week the 100 word challenge is part of your Home Learning. Can you please complete this one a word doc and email it to me! For those of you who are keen to get your homework done early, then you can start before school goes back if you wish. I have also put other tasks on the Home learning page so if you are keen, check them out!


Here is the 100 Word Challenge prompt. Remember the prompt doesn’t count in the 100 words!

100 Word Challenge

I do lots of thinking in my study sat at my PC. This morning as I was thinking what prompt to set you, a hot air balloon floated across the roof tops opposite. Here in Bristol, we are known for our balloon flying so I have used that as inspiration for this week’s prompt:

…looking down, I was surprised to see…

Really get your imaginations working!

Jonty’s hiking adventure

On the 29th of September my family and I went for a walk in the Cathedral Ranges. We had to stay at Eildon the night before so we could wake up and begin our walk early in the morning. We got in the car at 9:30am and we arrived at the Cathedral Range State Park at 10:30am.

The first half hour we walked up a 4 wheel drive track called Tweed Spur Road, then we joined the Messmate Track. The Messmate Track was recently made after the Black Saturday fires in 2008 to encourage people to come back to the area. It was a very cool track; it even had arrows to tell you where to go. About 1 hour and 15 min into the walk I spotted some snake eggs that were glowing red. At that stage, my younger sister Teagan was getting very tired and couldn’t wait for lunch. She only just completed the remaining 10 minutes of our walk without crying.

We had salami wraps for lunch at the Sugarloaf Saddle. When you are walking it is good to think about what you are going to eat then put it in your backpack.  If you pack the right amount and the right type of food it is really easy to carry. My job for the walk was to carry all of the food and my backpack was comfortable to carry because the food we had picked was very filling and light.

After lunch it was time to get ready for the hardest track, we had to walk to the top of the Sugarloaf Peak which is 920 meters high. There were two tracks you could choose from, Wells Cave Track and Canyon Track, the Canyon Track cannot be done with backpacks, but we had backpacks so we had to take the other track.

The whole way up to the peak was climbing over and under rocks, when we got to the top the views where amazing you could see in a 360 degree loop, it was clearly the best view I have ever seen.

After looking at the amazing views, the next stage was to carefully step along the Razorback Ridge Track. This track was on the top of the mountain and it was hard going because it required great concentration to watch every step. This section was really tough going, I had to hug the rocks so I didn’t fall and I even had to get into awkward positions. It  took the family and 1 hour to walk 75 meters, it felt like it was never going to end but it was still fun.

About 30 minutes later the rocky path finished and the land levelled out to smooth earth, we walked on the flat land for about 20 minutes before we got to our campsite which was called The Farmyard. The Farmyard is one of the campsites in the Cathedral ranges. There was already one family there but they went out for a walk. After we had a quick look around, we decided that we were going to have to put the tent somewhere. We found an ok spot and it only took us 20 minutes to get the outside of our tents set up. While we were doing the outside of our tent the people that went for the walk had come back so we had a quick chat with them, and then we put the sleeping bags inside our tent.

After we got our tent set up Teagan and I started to put together a fire. After we thought the pile of sticks was good enough to light, we tried to start the fire but it wouldn’t start because the wind kept blowing the flames out. Then Dad came over with some toilet paper and lit the fire. After we got the fire going it was time for dinner we had spag bowl that was ok. Then after dinner two more people came, they were a mother and son. After the mother and son settled in everyone who was at the campsite all stood around the fire and talked. After a while Teagan and I decided that it was very boring so we just went to bed.

Teagan and I woke up at 6:00am, because it was so light and windy, so Teagan and I just lay in our sleeping bags and talked. At about 6.30am the mother and son packed up and went home. After they left everyone got up, at about 7.00am we started to pack up.

At 8:15am we started walking and our first track for the day was to up the north Jawbone Peak which had fantastic views. After we had a look at the fabulous Jawbone Peak view we had to go back down the way we came. When we got to the bottom of the Jawbone Peak we went down huge rock stairs for 1 hour. Then when we got to the bottom of the mountain there was stairs going back to the top again and that was not fun at all! My legs felt like they were going to fall off when I got to the end of the 77 stairs. After the painful stairs we had a quick break then we were on the home stretch and it only took us half an hour to walk to the car, whereas the sign said that it would take 45 minutes.

When we got to the car everyone was so happy but very tired at the same time, my family and I had made it through the Cathedral Ranges.

Max’s trip to Merimbula

On Sunday the 22nd of October my family and I left Melbourne to drive for seven hours all the way to a town called Merimbula in NSW.


On our first few days at Merimbula we just swam in the pool at our hotel and played tennis at the court but as the days went on we started to do much more exciting things like go to a theme park named Magic Mountain. There are two slides at Magic Mountain (Black Hole and Doom Tube). We also played mini golf, went go-karting and did the toboggan ride. Magic Mountain was the second best part of the trip.


The best part was definitely when the final siren went of the AFL Grand Final and the mighty Hawks were premiers for 2013. I was so happy that night that I did not get one single piece of sleep.


We had heaps of fun at the beach’s up their and it was hot the whole time so that was good as well. I can’t wait to go back some time soon.

Miss B and Miss Sherwin’s (aka Crystal) Yarra Valley Adventure

Hello holiday makers,

I hope you have all had an amazing break and are ready to come back to school Wednesday! Thanks to all those of you who have put in a holiday story  and Georgia and Charlotte who have decided to do some extra work also! Thought I’d better add my own little holiday story!

Late Friday afternoon, Crystal (my bestie) and I set out for a night in the Yarra Valley, a place full of beautiful views and amazing food and wine. When we arrived we were greeted with a cheese platter and chocolate dipped strawberries, my favourite! We chucked on the pj’s and slippers and settled into our feast on the couch, whilst watching the ‘So you think you can dance’ final! My favourites Fik-shun and Amy won! We may have also inhaled a pizza, some hot chips and a slice of Jaffa cheesecake! We were so full we rolled to bed to sleep off our food coma!

The next morning we woke to birds chirping and the sun streaming in! Once we fully awoke, we got ready and headed out to eat yet again! Scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast with ice-cream, juice and a COFFEE later we were rolling back to our room! We needed a rest before setting off on our tour of the Valley so we layed around and groaned until we felt better! When we finally had some room again in our tummy’s we set off to the new Chocolaterie and Ice-creamery!

OMG! was all Crystal could say, she is a major lover of chocolate and this place had chocolate EVERYTHING! From giant freckles to hot chocolate mugs to animals made of chocolate-this place was AWESOME! Crystal and I decided to share a scone and chocolate mousse, plus we also had a spider each! I have never felt so sick in my life and we couldn’t finish everything! Crystal had to buy some chocolate for later and then we hit the road. After stopping at a few wineries we decided we had consumed too much food and liquid for a life time and it was time to head home.

Zac’s visit to Wattle Park

On Friday 4th of October Riley, Will, Alec, Jack, my mum, Will’s mum and I went to Wattle Park. When we got there we decided to play gang up tiggy. Alec was first it, then he got Will then, Will got me, then Riley, then Jack.  After our game of gang up we found a broken in half hut and decided to fix the other half. So then we fixed the other half and it looked much better. After spending 3 hours at the park we had to go back home. So that was my day at the park.

Charlotte’s Visit to Luna Park

On Wednesday the 23rd of September, Penny took me to Luna Park with her dad, sister {Lucy} and her sister’s friend {Ange}. Now, as I am a really scared kind of person when it comes to rollercoasters and other scary rides, this day really bought me out of my comfort zone! Penny and I both went on nine different rides, all a few times each:

  • The Enterprise {A ride that once it’s at full blast, looks like a Ferris wheel to fellow watchers but really, everyone on the ride is upside down}
  • The Spider {A calm, but dizzy ride. You’re in a small bed looking carriage with a partner and you kind of just spin around to music}
  • The Boat {A boat that rocks back and forth while riders have no seatbelt on, making it a thrilling and stomach-flipping experience}
  • The Ghost Train {A one carriage roller coaster where you sit with a partner and get scared to death with stupid but none the less scary things. Let me tell you the photo reactions are quite hilarious}
  • Dumbo The Elephant {Where you sit in Dumbo the Elephants with a variety of different colours and spin around slowly. It’s meant to be a kids ride, but was great to just chill and relax while riding}
  • Silly Serpent {A small rollercoaster that goes around fast, while you are getting squashed by the person next to you. What a fab experience!}
  • Body Rock {You sit with another fifteen people and you pretty much get thrashed and bashed onto the sides of your seat, as fast and rough as the conductor wants. Trust me, my bruises are still visible}
  • Scenic Railway {A rollercoaster that goes around Luna Park twice, and has heaps of fast dips. A little advice for this one: DO not sit near the back if your small, you will nearly get thrown out of your seat. Great views though!}
  • The Coney Island Top Drop {This is one of the rides that you go straight up to the top and fall a few times. Completely safe but again, has fab views}

We finished the day with the Circus of Screams, a very scary –may I add- maze with people popping out of every spot unimaginable and a soft serve from McDonalds! Over all, it was a fantastic day!

Georgia’s 100 Word Challenge

It was the usual Saturday morning, as my feet extended to the floor. My eyes woke in a haze and my vision waved as I investigated a strange noise blaring from my kitchen. I attempted to step into the room, when the funny noise produced a louder screech, coming from an open orange on the bench. My body strolled outside the house, reaching the pavement of the street, when I heard a quiet groan coming from behind me. A tortoise cried out to me speaking in English? My mind shifted into another mode, of course, it was all a dream.

Charlotte’s Holiday 100 Word Challenge

“Thomas Brooks! You come here, now!” My mother’s fierce voice was followed with an angry wave, beckoning me over. The way she waved did not look good. ‘I must have done something really bad’ I thought as I trudged along the pavement, it’s colour a mix of brown and grey, a colour very common in America. I reached her, then she spoke again, “I can’t believe you ripped Oliver’s orange tortoise drawing! He’s been crying this whole hour.” I grimaced as she held up the picture. “I was only trying to be funny!” I whined, stomping off in a puff.

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