October 30

Amy 100WC

I looked out of my window as the violent storm was pouring down with heavy rain; the storm was as loud as a lions roar. I lay back down in my cosy bed as I heard the rain pita pata on my roof. Lightening suddenly flashed and I awoke, my heart pounding a million miles an hour. I hopped out of bed to get a glass of water. As I walked towards the kitchen the floor started to violently shake. I quickly grabbed a glass and reached for the fridge door. I suddenly lost grip of my glass and………      SMASH!

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1 thoughts on “Amy 100WC

  1. Mr G (Team 100WC)

    You’ve really captured the essence of what a violent storm looks, sounds and feels like in this 100WC Amy. It’s an assault on the senses! Some great vocabulary helped to bring the storm to life for your readers, as did the clever use of a simile. Well done.
    You might like to think of varying your sentence starters a little; a lot of “I’s” in there.


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