About our Grandparents……

On the weekend I interviewed my nonna and nonno from my dad’s side.  They came from Italy and came here during the 1940’s.  Some of the family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation are carbonara, meatballs, potato frittata, many different meat and pasta dishes and many different deserts.  One of my nonna and nonno’s cultural events that they used to celebrate was the Epiffany and the La Befana.  These were two very highly known and praised events.  The most important inventions that my nonna and nonno have witnessed in their lives are medicine, technology, and commercial travel.  These events were a major impact in my nonna and nonno’s lives. By Alyssa



Last Friday I interviewed my Nanny on Grandfriends Day. My Nanny’s family origin is Slovakian and Italian. One of the family recipes they have passed down through generations is halushky. Our family tradition is to make goulash and we make it at Christmas time. The invention that was the most important in my Nanny’s lifetime was the television. This is because she always loved how things worked and she found it very interesting.

By Scarlett


Last Friday I interviewed my Nana on Grandfriends Day. My Nana’s family origin is English and one of the recipes they have passed down through generations is roast lamb. One of our family traditions is to come together as an extended family to celebrate Christmas. The invention that has been the most important in my Nana’s lifetime is the computer. This is because the computer was a new technology device that was a massive jump in technology.

By Zac



Last Thursday I interviewed my grandma on my mother’s side. My grandma is from Irish origin. In my grandmothers life she believes that they best invention is the M.R.I because the idea of seeing someone’s nerves inside them seemed amazing!

By Ben


Last Friday I interviewed my granddad on Grandfriends Day. My grandparents family origin is from Holland, and one of the recipes that they had over there was hutspot. One of their family traditions was to celebrate Christmas with the extended family. The most important during his lifetime was the computer, because he thought that it was better because he hated looking in books.

By Jonty


On Grandparents day I interviewed my nana. She was born in Australia but her dad was born in Italy. My nana cooks spaghetti bolognese, risotto, minestrone soup, porpetti and gnocchi from her culture. She told me that there are so many great inventions since her grandparents were born, but she said two of the best inventions would have to be antibiotics and television.

By Amy


Last Friday it was Grandparents day. We had to survey our grandparents about their family origins.

I surveyed my grandma. She said that there were no cultural foods or family recipes that were passed down the family.

But she did say that there were some cultural events that have been kept alive and because my family background is Irish my grandma said that the main tradition is St Patrick’s Day, which she celebrates. She said that the greatest inventions since she was born are the radio, computer and moving images.

By Angus


Last Sunday I interviewed my Grandma. My Grandma’s origins are English, Irish and Scottish and one of the recipes they have passed through the generations is chicken casserole.  One of our family traditions is to have a big family Christmas lunch with turkey and pudding. The invention my Grandma believes is the most important invention in her lifetime is the computer, this is because it is very useful and has helped many people over the years.


By Millie

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