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Bianca’s 100 WC

Huge gusts of wind shook the whole town of Manville. Signs bent around posts, as the tin roofs of houses began to vibrate at a fast and loud pace. Mini fireworks erupted from cords like lava from a volcano, as power-lines were wrenched out of the earth and thrown on tall leafy trees. Small potholes of chalky, dusty water flooded the roads as large hail drops bounced off wind screens before being swept away by fast moving long black wipers. Long tall skinny figures ran about gripping inside out black spotted umbrellas, carrying small pools on top of them. A violent storm was approaching.

Jonty’s 100 WC

The violent storm was coming quicker than the speed of light and I had no shelter. I had to find some soon or I was going to be soaked. Then I saw this little shack about 100 meters away, I had to be quick, the huge storm was coming quick I was about 5 meters away and the storm was about to take me away. I had one last jump but I was too late I was getting swept away in the storm I knew it was the end so I just let myself float away in the storm.

Lara’s 100 WC

The violent storm was horrendous. BANG, the windows smashed. It was as frosty as the snow. The lights flickered; some of the power went out. I was shivering. Suddenly, a strong breezed entered though the cracked windows, blowing my lamp off the table. SMASH, flicker, the lights were out. It was pitch black. My power had been cut. I felt for my torch, which was under the couch, I finally grabbed it and switched it on. The torch was my only hope of survival. It was so cold, my body was numb, like I couldn’t move. I suddenly doze off into a deep sleep…

Ben’s 100 WC

The violent storm was raging through the small town, tearing through the black night. Lightning streamed down. Houses burned, citizens perished as the rain gushed down. Luke and Ben shrieked in distress through the rain pelting down faster than light. Luke skidded along the wet gravel as the water around him turned to red grazes had ripped his arms. Luke roared in pain as Ben heaved his feeble body. They limped towards the flooded park. Ben’s frail body shielded Luke from the crashing hail as they sheltered a midst the leaves of a tree. Lightning smashed the trees around them,“We’re trapped!”

Doors slamming and rain pelting down onto the brown mouldy tiles that were on the roof, it was as wet as a dripping icy pole. The violent storm was ruining our old, white house and smashing our thin windows. We ran out as fast as we could and just in time our house came crashing down onto the brown grass with pieces of old white, wood stabbing into the wet ground. We stood there in despair looking at our broken items lying on the ground. I see my toy; my rocking horse under the broken wood. I place my head on my mums shoulder and start to sob.

Ed’s 100 WC

The violent storm was coming over the hills, with lightning piercing out of the clouds like Zeus throwing bolts of lightning. The lightning made clouds look like they were walking over the hills. Our small town started to rush inside and barricade the doors. The storm was getting closer by the minute. It started to rain and the clouds took over the sky like an army taking over a country. I rushed inside and turned on the radio. The news said over three hundred objects have been struck. I looked out the window, the storm had cleared.

Angus’s 100 WC

The violent storm was completely unexpected because the radar showed no sign of any winds or rain when they checked before getting onto the plane to go skydiving. But as soon as they jumped the storm started. They tried to grab onto the edge of the plane but they had already fallen too far. They released the parachute but that was the mistake. Now that they were travelling slower they were getting blown further across towards the volcano that was still active. As they approached they saw that it looked as hot as the sun and they knew that they were going to die.

Michaela’s 100 WC

I quickly ran and found shelter. I couldn’t see anything because it was midnight. I could vaguely see our modern house being ruined. I turned around and started running through the rain, pouring down just like a waterfall. The violent storm was getting worse as I listened to the thunder and the lightning. I could see the street flooding considering the water was up to my ankles. I couldn’t see my family and I couldn’t see my house anymore, I was terrified. I started making my way towards the park bench. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

James’s 100 WC

The violent storm was blowing away my little wooden cottage off the muddy and soaky wet ground. The wind was like the big bad wolf blowing away my house. I was lucky my cottage hadn’t blown away yet. That gave me just enough time to pack my stuff and get out of here. The only problem was that all my stuff had scattered everywhere so it will take longer to get out of here. Ok there’s my jacket and there’s my phone. I’m surprised it hasn’t broken. Ok that’s all my stuff, now it’s time to go.

Amy 100WC

I looked out of my window as the violent storm was pouring down with heavy rain; the storm was as loud as a lions roar. I lay back down in my cosy bed as I heard the rain pita pata on my roof. Lightening suddenly flashed and I awoke, my heart pounding a million miles an hour. I hopped out of bed to get a glass of water. As I walked towards the kitchen the floor started to violently shake. I quickly grabbed a glass and reached for the fridge door. I suddenly lost grip of my glass and………      SMASH!

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