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Wedding Bells!

So I can’t sleep, I am way too excited! My sister is getting married! Yay!

I am so happy for her, this is 12 years in the making! Now gotta go shopping for a bridesmaid dress, hooray!

Check out this sparkler!

Zac’s 100 Word Challenge

As I sat down at the long empty pier I stared at the endless ocean in front of my eyes, and wondered if any fish would take the bait on my rod. I stared at the reflecting sun on top of the water. I started to doze of into a day dream, THEN all of a sudden a fish took the line. I took the rod out of its rack and pulled in a whopper of a fish. While I was taking the hook out of its mouth it jumped back into the water. I thought to myself, “that cheeky fish!”

James’s 100 Word Challenge

I’m on my boat in the rough sea, with nothing but a rain coat, a spear and a fishing rod. The storm is getting tougher and tougher on me. My hands a shaking, when suddenly I feel a tug. I think I’ve got a bite! I pull and pull but have no luck. I tried again and damn it’s too heavy. I grab my spear, tie it to a rope, throw it and hope for the best. Yes, I got it! Now all I’ve got to do is pull it in. This time it is much easier. Hope its yum!

Ruby’s 100 Word Challenge

It was a sunny afternoon and I was sitting on the pier fishing, remembering a story told to me over 50 years ago as a young boy. It was the legend of a mythical creature that lived in this river and it claimed that if you caught it and looked into its eyes you would live forever! It was at that moment that my line sprang to life and I started to reel in the fish on the end of it. As I pulled out the strange looking fish I looked into large beady eyes…..that was over 150 years ago!!!!

Jonty’s 100 Word Challenge

I was out fishing one night, when I threw the line in. I waited and then bang this fish was on the end of my line. It was too strong, I was never going to beat a fish like this, but I tried and tried and tried! I was trying for about half an hour when I realised that the fish was going to beat me so I let the line go, but as soon as I did the fish pulled me at the last second and I was heading for the water, wait I am dreaming.

Lara’s 100 Word Challenge

I throw my fishing rod into the sparkly, blue water. Before I can even think, I can feel something very heavy tugging on the end of my rod. It jumps out of the water. No wonder why it’s so heavy, it looks like it’s a 40 or more kilo fish. It’s so heavy; it is going to pull me in! Suddenly, I fall into the icy water, scared about what it is going to do to me. It drags me down, but I quickly come back up and try to swim away, back to the pier to get dried up.

Ed’s 100 Word Challenge

I was sitting on the edge of the pier, staring into endless sea while hoping to catch a flathead. I felt a pull from the blue clear water. I stood up to get my grip so I wouldn’t fall in, the pull got harder and harder. Everyone around was looking at me hoping to see a flathead come flying out. I tugged and tugged, finally a one and a half meter flathead came flying out as little drops of water go everywhere! My catch is a success, everyone is cheering for me! I won’t be hungry to night. Yum!

Alyssa’s 100 Word Challenge

As I peer into the still water, I bend my arms in preparation for my throw.  I throw my arms and the fishing line follows.  It hits the water and a small splash is made and the bait begins to sink.  I then find myself pulling the rod, hoping that it doesn’t slip out of my hands because something is tugging hard at the end of my fishing line.  As a spin the wheel on my rod, a great, big fish appears.  It jumps onto land and continues wriggling.  This fish will be great to use in my cooking show!

Lili’s 100 Word Challenge

I waited ages to catch that splendid snapper. It was cold and stormy outside, the rain drops felt like mini fishes bouncy through the air, into the water. Suddenly I felt something on my long fishing rod, it was hard and was pulling me in. I was now standing on the edge of the platform, about to fall into the water. Finally, I got hold of the rod and grounded my feet into the platform. I was pulling strong, trying to get my snapper! Finally, I got the rod out of the river and there it was, my beautiful SNAPPER.

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