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Public Speaking

Well what an amazing Grand Final, with four amazing speeches from our finalists! I am so glad I didn’t have to judge as it was so close! Congratulations Lili, Zac and Bianca you showed us how much you deserved to be in the Grand Final.


A huge congratulations goes to Michaela who was not only the only Grade 5 in the Grand Final but also the winner from our class! You rock girlfriend!

Teddy has a bath!

Poor Teddy was a little dirty so we gave him his first bath today. I have to say I don’t think he liked it very much but was so cute we had to take a few pictures! Check out wet Teddy!

Will’s 100 Word Challenge

I am in my room playing Grand Theft Auto Five with all the curtains down, blankets draped over me, chips and soda, and then I saw a bright light, which I later realised was a door. Luckily it wasn’t any astronauts it was just my mum. She came in to tell me it was not natural for an 11 year old boy to stay in my room all day and that it was the holidays so I should be enjoy the sun. Well, I told mum that the holidays are the exact reason I was celebrating not having any homework.

Alyssa’s 100 Word Challenge

When I was walking down the dark streets on my usual Monday walk, I suddenly heard a noise in the distance.  At first I thought it might have been a swarm of bees, but then I realised that bees are only awake during the day. But as the noise got louder and louder, closer and closer, I finally realised what it was, and then I saw a bright light.  A speeding car came flying out of nowhere with head lights as bright as the stars in the night sky, and I was still shocked with terror when I came home.

Max’s 100 Word Challenge

The large dirty, grubby cell I was in was filled with enough hay to feed a herd of cattle and was so dark even an owl wouldn’t be able to see. I looked above to see nothing but a large, vast space of darkness. I couldn’t feel worse or more non-aware of what was around. I felt like the whole world should just end right now and then I saw a bright light making me blink several times as the cell was jarred opened and I was carried out in the same old, rusted crane that put me in this huge cell, full of mighty horror.

Lottie’s 100 Word Challenge

Thump. Thump. Darkness, I was surrounded by it. Blood, as red as Snow White’s lips, everywhere upon my pale skin. “M-Mum?” I croaked lightly, dragging my limp body painfully across the midnight, black, gravel road, forcing myself over to her barely breathing figure. “S-Someone help me!” I tried holding my tears in, feeling my mother’s pulse. Light, but there was something there. “Please!” I begged, slowly placing myself down next to her and listening to her light and strangely comforting heartbeat. Thump. Thump… I looked up suddenly to a loud screeching car and then I saw a light…Please help me… I thought as my eyes shut slowly.

Michaela’s 100 Word Challenge

I slide down the black hole, running away from the gunshots. “Thank God I’m safe down here,” I think to myself. As I look around I see the unappealing darkness. I can vaguely see the tight space. I realise that Mum and Dad are still asleep in the house, should I wake them up? Wait, if I go back I’ll get captured. I think about how they are my family and I should go. I start making my way to the entrance and then I saw a bright light. I see a man with an army green uniform. OH NO!


Maths Games Day

Eight Year Sixes ventured out of their small school and into the hands of the Gennazano students who ran the interschool Maths Games Day Competition. After the short tram trip the eight students Ben, Max, Alyssa, Tereza, Zac, Amy, Lara and Stephanie were gathered inside the large sports hall. They were given their numbers, each team of four had a different team number and where they were to be seated for the first activities.

The first activity was problem Solving. They were given 1 hour to do 34 very complex problems. After a brain racking work they finished up nowhere near finishing. Then a game of King of the Hill erupted between the three boys, Zac, Max and Ben at play lunch causing glee and delight.

The group was now ready for some more fun maths activities and were very happy with the choice the coordinators had made. They were challenged against many other schools in different games such as Honeycomb, Tableland, Join the Line and Five or Bust. The groups won many of the games and were very happy with the results of the school. It was a battle of ultimate strategy.

At lunchtime yet again the boys sneaked off and joined a game of soccer keepings off while the girls talked to Miss Baker and Miss Ryan and then rolled down the hill. Then finally to finish the day off the groups went inside to do Sport Maths. In Sport Maths we did many things such as, Make a shape with your team’s bodies or estimate how slow or fast you would have to go around the cone and back whilst hopping or holding hands.

Lastly there was a presentation to see who won the day. In the end no St Doms teams got in the top 3 but an even better prize was awarded to Max from Team 25, a $90 calculator with a Dairy Milk chocolate, much better than movie tickets that the winning teams won.

By Ben and Max

Maths Games Day on PhotoPeach

100 Word Challenge Week 10

Well done everyone, your 100 Word Challenges were some of the best writing I have this year! I was drawn into each and everyone of your stories and now I know what I should expect for the rest of the year! There were 649 entries for the picture prompt and you can find your entry at . Watch out on Tuesday as they post the best entries for the week in their showcase, it could be you!

For those of you keen to earn some marbles this week, make sure you have a go at the prompt below by Friday 20th of September. Write it in a word doc before sending it to me!

This week the prompt is:

… and then I saw a bright light…

You must use these words somewhere in your writing and please keep them together. This means that your writing should be 107 words only. Do read through before you post to make sure you have written what you were thinking!

Good luck!

Jemma’s 100 Word Challenge

One beautiful evening as I was looking at the lovely sunset, I was busy fishing, waiting for a tug of my fishing line. But then suddenly I lost my concentration because my show off sister was showing my best mates what she can do.  When I was about to stop her, she did a triple summersault.  I was saying in my mind, “how could she my own sister show off just like that to my friends?” I had to set her straight. I called her to me. By the time she was half way, I felt a tugging from the line, and I thought it was just my big brother messing with me. I felt it again, I didn’t want to fall for it.  So I ignored it, but it wasn’t my brother, it was gigantic fish. I pulled it up and it flopped into my hands! I threw it to my sister and then all of a sudden it flipped back in the river.

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