September 29

Will’s trip to Marysville

On the second day of holidays (Saturday) my brother, mother, father, my Nana and myself went to Marysville to support the town because unfortunately Marysville was part of a bushfire burning down their town. In town I spotted some of our family friends (coincidentally) at the town park. The park had some awesome equipment and I played on it with the kids, like the spider web and zip line just to mention a few.

Then we grabbed some lunch at the local bakery, I had two dim sims and a hot dog. After Lunch we went to Bruno’s Garden and met the artist himself (I have to mention he was a bit creepy) and his artwork was really good. We ventured though the garden to find many terracotta statues and water features.

As the sun went down we had one more visit to make, the Lolly shop where I got a 23-inch (58 cm’s) of grape bubble gum and double dip. Overall I had a great day and would rate it 4 out of 5.

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1 thoughts on “Will’s trip to Marysville

  1. Charlotte

    Feel so sorry for all the people of Marysville, was such a beautiful town before it was burnt down! Have they re-built and everything, Will?


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