September 26

Charlotte’s Holiday 100 Word Challenge

“Please don’t hurt us, we’ll do anything.” The humans begged on their knees, as tears erupted like volcanoes through their eyes. The creature, his body red with rage and his yellow eyes with flames showing to only us animals, shook his head laughing. “The animals and I have made a deal. They want the earth for themselves. You’re the only ones left. Isn’t it true, crow?” I nodded along with his words while nudging my midnight-black feathers, making them perky. The women walked closer to him, as he pulled them all into his mouth, a sick smile crossing his ugly features.

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2 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Holiday 100 Word Challenge

  1. Barbara McFall

    Hello Charlotte,
    You have taken a unique approach to this piece, from the perspective of animals and the creature against the humans. Your description of the creature and the humans begging was excellent. It draws your readers into the story. The ending was powerful as well. What a fine job you have done for this prompt.

    Barbara McFall (Team 100WC)
    Teacher at The Phoenix School, Salem, MA USA


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