September 19

Leo’s 100 Word Challenge

I become paranoid; the sound of silence sends chills down my spine. The echoing water drops give me goose bumps. Now I start to ask myself, what does he want from me? I shout out to him “let me out! Let me out!” I hear no reply but a cold hearted laugh, his footsteps came closer and closer until I hear the sound of a screeching door open. I prayed that it wasn’t him that he wasn’t coming for me, and then saw a bright light. I saw a tall, pale, faced man standing there, it was him and he was after me.

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4 thoughts on “Leo’s 100 Word Challenge

  1. Ashlee

    I love your 100 word challenge, lots of descriptive and very in depth. Lots of powerful words and sentences. Ends in a questioning way, and surprising. I think it’s very well written and interesting.
    By Ashlee.

  2. Judith Atwood Team 100WC

    Hi, Leo. Wow! great setting of the mood — I felt kind of creeped out from the first few words. Very powerful descriptive vocabulary, which is the hook a good story needs. Excellent 100WC entry!


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