September 18

Gee’s 100 Word Challenge

My regretful face glanced back towards the land that my boat had just left. I know I won’t cope in the foreign country I end up in, but it is the best manner to get away. The bumpy waves left my eyes in fear when I identified my questioning about leaving my home country; because of the gender inequality from the education I was given. I learnt basic skills, in an illegal school underground, I hated going to. I was feeling sick on these irregular seas and then I saw a bright light, anticipating to see city lights to a town, but no. THINGS COULD’VE BEEN DIFFERENT!

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1 thoughts on “Gee’s 100 Word Challenge

  1. Kathy @ Team 100WC

    I enjoyed reading your very well written story, and could feel the anguish of the person having to leave their homeland. You used some nice adjectives to better describe the motion of the sea and how it can make one seasick. Nice work using the prompt.


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