Bored on the holidays? Help me out!

As some of you may have noticed I have signed us up for the 2013 Student Blogging Challenge. Each week we will receive new activities to do, to add to our blog. As we are heading into holidays and I know some of you claim bordem below is some activities you can do. If you send your answers to me, I will add them to our blog. Here they are;


About Camberwell

Activity 1.

How old is your local town or city? When was it established? Who named it? Why was it given that name? Introduce us to the history of your local area. Maybe take some photos and we could include them in a slideshow.

Activity 2.

Name 5 places in your local area you think visitors should see. Give reasons why.

Activity 3. 

You might need to research this – are there any other towns around the world with the same name as yours? Where are they?

 About Australia

Activity 4. 

What makes you feel proud to be Australian or American or a citizen of your country? How can new residents become citizens in your country? September 17 is Citizenship Day in Australia. Do you have something like that in your country?

Activity 5. 

We have students and classes from 20 countries taking part in the challenge. How does law and government differ between three of these countries? September 15 was International Day of Democracy. Find out what was happening around the world at this link.

Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ukraine, Portugal, Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Argentina, India, Kenya, England, Scotland, Macau, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Spain and Kuwait

Activity 6. 

Is there a song or music that typifies your country? I know I love John Williamson singing Home Among the Gum Trees  Maybe you could write your own lyrics for a song about your country, record it and add to your blog.

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