Writer’s Festival 2013

15 school kids pushed through the crowd of Flinders Street Station, heading in the direction of Federation Square. Once they arrived all the kids sat down to a packed recess, surveyed by an unknown co-ed high school! Soon they were off to a writer’s workshop with Lachlann Carter, who indeed blew their minds at the ART PLAY building. The small group of kids turned a comic into a never ending story after making a new and unusual character who would explore the obstacles of their everyday job. From that session they took away an individual comic with their own made up character and many ways that they can publish it their selves.
After climbing three never ending flights of stairs, the group arrived at the AMCI building for the first group of author talks based on ‘Digging for the Truth’. This first talk involved two different authors, Mark Greenwood (Ned Kelly & The Green Sash) and Davina Bell (Alice – The Girls of Australia Series) who both had interesting and unique stories when they went out of their way to uncover the truth for their historical fiction novels. After a lot of laughs and scribbly notes later, every child exited out the doors back towards Federation for their lunches, and a sneaky block of chocolate here and there. They were all soon back in the AMCI building, sitting in the first two rows for the second talk involving Gabrielle Wang (The Hidden Monastery) and Ambelin Kwaymullinga (The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf). All four of these amazing and inspiring authors told stories and gave some inspiration to the audience before the students had the chance to ask some questions and ask for some professional writing advice.
The day ended when we headed back to the train station, and taking a very long train ride, accidentally getting off at the wrong stop! The teachers decided to take a bus, and walk back from Riversdale road towards school. We got back at 3:40, but overall it was a fantastic day.

By Charlotte & Bianca.

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  1. kathy smurf
    September 6, 2013 at 10:14 am (5 years ago)

    woo hoo good job guys


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