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Michaela’s fun at Pambula!

On the first Sunday of the holidays my grandma, my cousin called Hamish, and I, woke up at 5:30am to drive to NSW. The car trip took seven hours to get to my grandma’s beach house but it was worth it. We spent the first week of the holidays getting dunked by giant waves and doing all sorts of fun outdoor activities.

My favourite place was called Mandini. You can do archery, hit golf balls in a lake and see how far you get, go on a big jumping pillow, and my favourite, go on paddle boats. My other two cousins live up there as well so they went out with us a lot. I was on a paddle boat with my cousin Jacob and Hamish was on a paddle boat with Jacob’s twin brother Mitchell. Hamish and Mitchell got stuck in some weeds when they were on their paddle boat so Jacob and I had to save them.

On the last day we just had a day at the beach I had so much fun! I can’t wait to go back to Pambula at Christmas!

Optional holiday homework

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all having an amazing holiday, we have certainly been lucky to have some beautiful weather. Remember if you have done something exciting then write about it and email it to me to put on the blog, like Will and his trip to Marysville.

If you do so you will receive 2 marbles and a homework pass! Some of you might need this stay in the Homework Club next term, so get writing. Also if you took a photo send that to me too!

Enjoy your last week and two days because we will be working extra hard TERM 4!!!!

Miss B

100 Word Challenge

The prompt this week is a little different. You have 5 words and these must be in your 100 words. If you can highlight them in some way so that your readers can see them, that would really be great. The words are:

Funny   Orange   Waved   Pavement(Sidewalk)   Tortoise (Turtle)

Will’s trip to Marysville

On the second day of holidays (Saturday) my brother, mother, father, my Nana and myself went to Marysville to support the town because unfortunately Marysville was part of a bushfire burning down their town. In town I spotted some of our family friends (coincidentally) at the town park. The park had some awesome equipment and I played on it with the kids, like the spider web and zip line just to mention a few.

Then we grabbed some lunch at the local bakery, I had two dim sims and a hot dog. After Lunch we went to Bruno’s Garden and met the artist himself (I have to mention he was a bit creepy) and his artwork was really good. We ventured though the garden to find many terracotta statues and water features.

As the sun went down we had one more visit to make, the Lolly shop where I got a 23-inch (58 cm’s) of grape bubble gum and double dip. Overall I had a great day and would rate it 4 out of 5.

Charlotte’s Holiday 100 Word Challenge

“Please don’t hurt us, we’ll do anything.” The humans begged on their knees, as tears erupted like volcanoes through their eyes. The creature, his body red with rage and his yellow eyes with flames showing to only us animals, shook his head laughing. “The animals and I have made a deal. They want the earth for themselves. You’re the only ones left. Isn’t it true, crow?” I nodded along with his words while nudging my midnight-black feathers, making them perky. The women walked closer to him, as he pulled them all into his mouth, a sick smile crossing his ugly features.

100 Word Challenge

For those of you who are looking for something to do over the holidays the 100 Word Challenge is still going so I will post them each week for those of you who want to enter. This week is another picture and I have included an example of someones work.


This week we have a photo that some teachers may recognise. It comes from an exhibition of sculptures I saw in Paris.

Pot of legs Week#4


As usual, you have only 100 words to produce a creative piece of writing. Do read through your work before you post it to make sure you have tweaked those little clerical mistakes like punctuation.


Read Dana’s 100 words below:

Cotton clouds filled the Parisian sky. It was the day of the school trip to the sculpture exhibition. Excitement filled the air as the sun beamed down on France.
“Gather around for the final sculpture everyone”, boomed the beastly teacher, wishing to leave as soon as possible. Silence echoed around. Everybody stared at the strange statue with its legs in the air and its flowerpot head on the ground. Excitement turned to disappointment. Every voice in the class was used to disparage the strange creation in front of them. A thunderous sound roared and the statue’s eyes turned blood red…..

Meet baby Ella!

What a way to start off the school holidays, driving to Ocean Grove to see my new baby cousin Ella! She is so teeny tiny and beautiful, I could have held her all day long!

Leo’s 100 Word Challenge

I become paranoid; the sound of silence sends chills down my spine. The echoing water drops give me goose bumps. Now I start to ask myself, what does he want from me? I shout out to him “let me out! Let me out!” I hear no reply but a cold hearted laugh, his footsteps came closer and closer until I hear the sound of a screeching door open. I prayed that it wasn’t him that he wasn’t coming for me, and then saw a bright light. I saw a tall, pale, faced man standing there, it was him and he was after me.

Gee’s 100 Word Challenge

My regretful face glanced back towards the land that my boat had just left. I know I won’t cope in the foreign country I end up in, but it is the best manner to get away. The bumpy waves left my eyes in fear when I identified my questioning about leaving my home country; because of the gender inequality from the education I was given. I learnt basic skills, in an illegal school underground, I hated going to. I was feeling sick on these irregular seas and then I saw a bright light, anticipating to see city lights to a town, but no. THINGS COULD’VE BEEN DIFFERENT!

Bored on the holidays? Help me out!

As some of you may have noticed I have signed us up for the 2013 Student Blogging Challenge. Each week we will receive new activities to do, to add to our blog. As we are heading into holidays and I know some of you claim bordem below is some activities you can do. If you send your answers to me, I will add them to our blog. Here they are;


About Camberwell

Activity 1.

How old is your local town or city? When was it established? Who named it? Why was it given that name? Introduce us to the history of your local area. Maybe take some photos and we could include them in a slideshow.

Activity 2.

Name 5 places in your local area you think visitors should see. Give reasons why.

Activity 3. 

You might need to research this – are there any other towns around the world with the same name as yours? Where are they?

 About Australia

Activity 4. 

What makes you feel proud to be Australian or American or a citizen of your country? How can new residents become citizens in your country? September 17 is Citizenship Day in Australia. Do you have something like that in your country?

Activity 5. 

We have students and classes from 20 countries taking part in the challenge. How does law and government differ between three of these countries? September 15 was International Day of Democracy. Find out what was happening around the world at this link.

Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ukraine, Portugal, Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Argentina, India, Kenya, England, Scotland, Macau, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Spain and Kuwait

Activity 6. 

Is there a song or music that typifies your country? I know I love John Williamson singing Home Among the Gum Trees  Maybe you could write your own lyrics for a song about your country, record it and add to your blog.

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