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Veritas Award

What are the chances that the Veritas award would have been handed on from James to Luke…totally random. Also someone thinks Luke is funny, does this person spend more than 5 minutes with him???? Only joking Luke you certainly make us all laugh, which makes us happy! Thanks for putting a smile on our faces!

Bushranger Speech Competition

As some of you missed out on Public Speaking by the smallest of margins I have decided to hold a small competition within our classroom for your bushranger speeches. The best speech will win a trophy and the knowledge that they were the best bushranger impersonator.

Remember to:

* Go over your Public Speaking rubric so you know what you will be assessed on

* Speak for 2-3 minutes only, giving us the main facts-remember I will have a copy of your project anyway!

* Be well dressed and in character when you are presenting your speech, become your bushranger!

Good luck! I am looking forward to another excellent round of speeches with a bushranger edge!

Public Speaking Finalists!

Well once again you all impressed me and hense have made it very difficult to pick only 8 finalists! However, this is the job required of me and therefore I must come to a decision.

Starting with the highest scores we have……Drum roll please…….

1. Michaela

2. Millie


4. Angus

5. Bianca

6. Georgia

7. Lili

8. Max

9. Will

As Millie can not go through to the Grand Final because she will be in the USA I was able to put another finalist through! Yay! Congratulations everyone, you all really did do an amazing job and many of you were sooo close but tiny things let you down like time or missing eye contact with part of the room!

 The next topics which will need to be ready for Week 8 – 2nd September.

*If I was Prime Minister, I would…

* An inspirational Aboriginal person for me is…

* Cybersafety is a 21st century issue of importance

* ICT is a a subject of great importance

Aunty Nicole….

Check out this little cutie who I had the pleasure of babysitting Saturday night, Mr Max Collins!


Lynden House

Today we walked with Prep Lawson in a sea of PJ’s to visit our friends at Lynden House. We sang, we prayed and we chatted with the residents. Scarlett and Zac were the clear favourites of the local residents as they charmed the pants off them. I was mistaken for a 12 year old by one of the residents, a compliment which I took without any hesitation! As always it was a great experience for all!

Writing Star of the Week!!!


Word after word,

Some terrible stuff I’ve heard.

About the big black jail,

In that very scary tale.

Walking among white cold walls,

You can almost hear the painful calls

Of the people who sat in a tiny room,

In a lonely and terrible gloom.

Families were spilt apart

But that’s not the worst part.

People were almost left to die,

But they can’t make a sound,

Not even a cry.

They weren’t even allowed a chance to change direction,

The jail had quite a fantastic collection

Of the people that were proved wrong

And some with quite a public song.

As the jail ended a long time ago,

This is something you all should know,

As a lot of people died in these very halls,

Ending with quite a depressing fall.

By Charlotte

Chat to a Champ-Scott Kneller


A whole room of kids, waiting anxiously for the web cam to start up. For it was the day we were to speak to the one and only, Scott Kneller. Once we were all ready to go, the questions were flowing in from three different schools, St Dominic’s Primary in Vic, Jindabyne Primary in NSW & Horsham West, Vic. Scott was ready for anything we were to throw at him, and he had fantastic answers for all the questions.

He explained so much for us, his goals, his achievements, his biggest crash, his training, his childhood… It was such an interesting chat that probably made all the kids watching realise that Olympians are just normal people, as Scott was studying for a university degree in Commence Engineering and was hoping to complete it in a few years.

When Scott was asked about being nervous, he answered, “When I’m standing at the start gate, it’s a nerve-racking experience. But that’s what I enjoy the most, because I feel that I can fuel that nervous energy. I think feeling like that before a race; it makes that result just so much more exciting. It adds to the whole experience, I guess.”

The question was asked to Scott; what has been the most exciting part in his career? It was answered by Scott with a small bit of cheek. He said that his Olympic role model was skiing against him, and he beat him! Everyone thought that this was amazing, and Scott seemed pretty proud of himself too.

Scott Kneller is the best and only Olympian I’ve met and he was very inspiring and encouraging. All his words were explaining to us all the pros and cons of being an Olympian, and why sport is so important to him and kids our age.

Thank you Scott, we are looking forward to speak to you again in November!

By Charlotte


Public Speaking

Tomorrow is our Public Speaking elimination round! Please make sure you have your palm cards and have practiced!

Round 1 was so outstanding that my expectations are extremely high! You were all brilliant and I want to experience that again!


Class pet!

I think it’s time we get a new class pet since our beloved Pinchy went to heaven!if you have any ideas post a comment below this post! By the way I don’t do rats or mice, they freak me out!

Writer’s Festival

Please remember to ask your parents to read your story for the Writer’s Festival on the Literacy page and leave you a comment!

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