Book Week Celebrations

On Wednesday we celebrated Book Week. First we watched a performance about a girl who turned into an alien in disguise. The alien came down to get back her Worlds ‘imagination’. After the performance each class sat around the running track. Mrs Bolton called one class at a time to parade around the track in their costumes. There were some very imaginative and colourful costumes.
As recess ended all of the Year Sixes went around to each class to read a book and do an activity with the class. The Year Sixes in Miss Baker’s class were Will and Ben who read Lightning Jack and made a horse with the Year 5’s.
After lunch 1/2 Cincotta (our buddy class) invited us to come over and help the Year 1/2’s with finishing off some of their work. We helped them with an elephant activity, word documents and their Aboriginal books. We worked on those activities for a while and then we went outside and kicked the footy and played Golden Child.
The day was a really fun, colourful and an entertaining day. I wish you were all here to celebrate book week with the school. Thank you Mrs Bolton.
Written by Zac and Will.

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  1. Katherine smurf
    August 29, 2013 at 9:50 pm (5 years ago)

    fun fun fun


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