What we have learnt about decimals….

This week we have begun our decimals unit and even though we are only three lessons in, we have realised some of us had misconceptions about decimals. We went through and discussed all of these with a range of classroom activities. Then we put our new learning into action by making a number line as a class. We had to work together and adjust numbers until as a class we were happy with our final product. Check it out below.



Here is what some of us have learnt this week:


Scarlett- I have learnt how to compare decimals

Amy- I have learnt that you can’t always think of decimals in money terms

Luke- I have gone from knowing nothing about decimals to knowing a fair bit about them

Max- I learnt that a line above the last number means ‘reoccurring’

Georgia- I learnt that the first number after the decimal point that is larger is the one with the bigger number e.g. 3.4 is larger than 3.32

Katherine- I have learnt that decimals are fractions

Michaela- I have learnt that decimals can be changed into a fraction

Bianca- I learnt that the numbers after the decimal point are parts of a whole

James- I learnt how to order fractions

Will- I learnt about the place-value of decimals

Jonty- I learnt that no matter how long the number is it might not be bigger e.g. 3.4245 is not bigger than 3.5

Ed- I learnt that shorter decimals can be larger numbers

Lara- I have learnt more about what a decimal is and how to know which decimal is larger

Lili- I have learnt that shorter decimals can be larger e.g. 0.14 is smaller than 0.8

Charlotte- I have finally learnt how to tell which decimal is bigger!

Millie- I have improved on comparing decimals, for example ordering decimals from smallest to largest and seeing which decimal is bigger

Alyssa- I’ve gotten better at decimals. I needed to refresh and I needed to practise.

Jemma- I have learnt that there is wholes and parts of a whole

Angus- I have learnt that just because there is a dollar sign it doesn’t mean the number is the same (that you automatically round it) e.g. $2.45 < $2.47

Zac- I have learnt how to compare decimals



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  1. kathy smurf
    August 27, 2013 at 10:22 am (5 years ago)

    yay math’s that was pretty fun


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