Mini Vinnies Visit

Yesterday, a spokesperson from the ‘St Vincent De Paul Society’, Katherine, came to talk to the years 3 to 6’s about the program. She first started talking about some basic information like the founder and the reason for the logo.

She then began talking about some of the things Vinnies do like the soup van, home visits and financial help. She explained some of the ways, how we as schoolkids, can help people that are way less fortunate than us. She then told us about the school Minnie Vinnie program, talking about how that program worked and what we can do to help.  

She then handed out five questions to five different kids to ask a fellow Vinnies Camberwell volunteer, Cynthia Vitti. She gave us detailed answers to the questions, before handing the microphone back to Katherine.

She finished with the help of sheets handed into small groups (either 3 or 4 people in each group) and got people to say the ideas they liked the best. Hands flew up with the sudden mention of a simple question, ‘Who wants to be a Minnie Vinnie?’ It was great to see all us kids want to help lots of people that aren’t as lucky.

St Dominic’s would like to get the Mini Vinnie’s Program started as soon as possible and would love the assistance of any keen parents.

By Lottie


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