Week 1


This Term our topic is Heroes or Villains? This week we have mostly been learning about Ned Kelly. We learnt that he wore a green sash under his armour.

This week we have also been learning how to multiply and divide Fractions.

Another thing we have done is write a newspaper article about something that we did in the holidays. It was quite hard because we had to write it in the third person.

We have also started getting ready for Earn and Learn. Earn and Learn is like the real world. Everyone has a business and everyone has bills!

In Religion we have been talking about Social Justice issues, such as the Asylum Seekers and homeless people and what is unjust about these issues.

In reading groups we have completed 4 different activities. One group played Bingo with Synonyms or Boogle, one group worked on their Ned Kelly concept maps, one group worked with the teacher learning about either the Three Eras of Bushranging or Ned Kelly’s story and the last group watched a video and answered some questions about Ned Kelly’s amour.

Please read our Inquiry page to learn about what we have discovered about Ned Kelly this week.

 By Angus and Max

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