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Excursion to Old Melbourne Gaol and Treasury Building

On Monday the 5/6’s went to the Treasury Building, and the Old Melbourne Gaol. They split into  two groups, Miss Baker’s class and the year 5’s from Mrs Cranston’s class, and Mr Gorman’s class and the year 6’s from Mrs Cranston’s class. The first group went to the Treasury building first and then to the Old Melbourne Gaol, and luckily they got to go to the State Library to have a look at Ned Kelly’s armour. At the Treasury Building everyone learnt lots of interesting facts about gold, Ned Kelly, the gold rush and where the governor and government go to discuss laws.

At the Old Melbourne Gaol we had a guide giving us a tour around the Gaol and its cells. We also saw where Ned Kelly spent his last hour before he was hanged. We also saw where he got hanged and the guide said that his feet were tied up, his hands were tied and he had a bag over his head so he didn’t know when the hangman was going pull the lever. The lever was used for opening the trap door, leaving Ned hanging.

After that we went into a cell, sat down on the floor and the guide asked us if it was cold and we all said, “Yes!” Then she told us about these two guys that tried to escape. It all started when Smith and Stornten heard there was a pipe coming to suck up all the sewage. They knew this was their chance to escape so they asked the guards if they could go to the toilet. They said yes, so Smith and Stornten went to where the sewage was. Instead of doing their business they jumped into the poo and wee and waited for the pipe to come. When the pipe came Smith and Stornten crawled up the pipe and when Smith got to the top of the pipe he jumped out and ran. One of the guards spotted Smith running down the road and started firing at him. Smith was hiding behind a bush and the police were looking for him. The warden had a son that was walking home from school and he saw a man covered in poo. He yelled, “Hey, he’s over here.” So Smith went back to jail. But Stornten was smart and he stayed in the pipe so the police would forget about him. A couple minutes later he had his chance to go, he looked left and he looked right. “Now!” he said to himself. He made a run for it and knew he was free, but a split second later a guy came around the corner and spear tackled Stornten to the ground. Luckily for Stornten he was still as wet as a slug so he slipped out and ran away. But Stornten wasn’t very clever and robbed a bank in Sydney. Again he got caught and put into Gaol. When he was at the Gaol a guard from the Old Melbourne Gaol was there, he spotted Stornten, and Stornten said his name was Summerville. The guard said, “No, you’re defiantly Stornten.” He sent Stornten back to the Old Melbourne Gaol. When they were on the boat the policeman unlocked his cuffs because they were in the middle of the ocean. But Stornten jumped of the boat and no one knows what happened to him after that!

After that we went to the State Library of Victoria and saw Ned Kelly’s heavy weighted armour. We also saw Ned’s death mask and Harry Power’s revolver. It was a really, really, good and exciting excursion.


By James and Ed



Excursion to Old Melbourne Gaol and Treasury Building on PhotoPeach

Public Speaking!

Hi guys,

On Friday I will not be at school so ALL Public Speaking will be THURSDAY!!!! I have also added some videos of what to do/not to do when you are giving your speech.


Public Speaking Techniques Patricia Fripp Speech Coach – YouTube

What Not to Do in a Speech – YouTube

Public Speaking Giving a Great Speech Public Speaking Tips Body Language – YouTube

Count the Bad, Over-The-Top, Nonverbal Communication Blunders – YouTube

Bad Public Speaking Example 1 – YouTube

Bad Speech vs Good Speech (Focus on Body Language) – YouTube


Sunday Afternoon Adventure at the State Library

As I was wondering back to my car this afternoon after another fantastic movie at the film festival, I found myself walking up the stairs of the State Library. After all this talk of Ned Kelly I couldn’t help but take a peek at this famous man’s 44kg amour. I stared in amazment as I looked closely at the bullet holes that had dinted these steel plates and felt myself step back in time to that fateful day in Glenrowan, when Ned finally met his match. I also saw Ned’s death mask and Harry Power’s pistel. I would highly recommend a trip to the State Library, it is a free exhibition with lots of information to read about Australia’s greatest bushranger.




Week 2

This week has been a great week! We have been very busy completing the work Miss Baker gives to us for example our newspaper articles, which are now completed and on the wall. We have also been learning about complementary and supplementary angels and have continued to learn more about our bushranger topic.

Tuesday is the day when Miss Baker is busy around the school doing maths jobs so we are taught by Mrs Gibson. Our Main topic this term is Bushrangers so she decided that we should write a narrative based on a picture set in the time of the bushrangers. We will be continuing the narrative next Tuesday.

We also mentioned that we finished our newspaper articles which by the way look great. We all put a lot of time an effort into them to get them done and to make them look as good as they are! They are based on something that we did in the holidays and then we had to report on it.

This week in Maths we have been learning about complementary and supplementary angles. Miss Baker has taught us the correct ways of drawing them and measuring them.

This week for homework we were also given our first group of topics for our first practise public speaking round. We were not looking forward to this let me tell you we are all trying to avoid it! The topics include:

1. If I could have been any bushranger, I would have been………because………

 2. A Social Justice issue that is important to me is………………..because………..

3. Parents have all the answers!

We will be performing our speeches on the Thursday and Friday of Week 3.

Reading Groups this week involved different activities for different groups, such as; creating a timeline of Ned Kelly’s life, finding definitions for bushranger language (for example wombat-headed, magpie-legged, splay footed officers), Venn diagrams comparing different bushrangers, puppet shows, profiles on the Kelly Gang and of course reading more about bushrangers with Miss Baker.

On Monday a lady from Minnie Vinnies came to talk to us about how we can help the charity and make a difference. If you would like to know more you can read Charlotte’s review on her visit.

Hope this gives you an idea of what we got up to this week. We are all very much looking forward to our excursion on Monday to the Old Melbourne Gaol and the Treasury Building.

By the crazy friends Millie & Bianca

Mini Vinnies Visit

Yesterday, a spokesperson from the ‘St Vincent De Paul Society’, Katherine, came to talk to the years 3 to 6’s about the program. She first started talking about some basic information like the founder and the reason for the logo.

She then began talking about some of the things Vinnies do like the soup van, home visits and financial help. She explained some of the ways, how we as schoolkids, can help people that are way less fortunate than us. She then told us about the school Minnie Vinnie program, talking about how that program worked and what we can do to help.  

She then handed out five questions to five different kids to ask a fellow Vinnies Camberwell volunteer, Cynthia Vitti. She gave us detailed answers to the questions, before handing the microphone back to Katherine.

She finished with the help of sheets handed into small groups (either 3 or 4 people in each group) and got people to say the ideas they liked the best. Hands flew up with the sudden mention of a simple question, ‘Who wants to be a Minnie Vinnie?’ It was great to see all us kids want to help lots of people that aren’t as lucky.

St Dominic’s would like to get the Mini Vinnie’s Program started as soon as possible and would love the assistance of any keen parents.

By Lottie


Week 1


This Term our topic is Heroes or Villains? This week we have mostly been learning about Ned Kelly. We learnt that he wore a green sash under his armour.

This week we have also been learning how to multiply and divide Fractions.

Another thing we have done is write a newspaper article about something that we did in the holidays. It was quite hard because we had to write it in the third person.

We have also started getting ready for Earn and Learn. Earn and Learn is like the real world. Everyone has a business and everyone has bills!

In Religion we have been talking about Social Justice issues, such as the Asylum Seekers and homeless people and what is unjust about these issues.

In reading groups we have completed 4 different activities. One group played Bingo with Synonyms or Boogle, one group worked on their Ned Kelly concept maps, one group worked with the teacher learning about either the Three Eras of Bushranging or Ned Kelly’s story and the last group watched a video and answered some questions about Ned Kelly’s amour.

Please read our Inquiry page to learn about what we have discovered about Ned Kelly this week.

 By Angus and Max

Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3! I hope you have all had a relaxing break and are ready to start Term 3. Term 2 whizzed by and before we knew it we had reports, parent/teacher interviews and our amazing assembly to top it all off! You were all wonderful and I am so proud of what you produced. I hope all the parents loved our assembly as much as we enjoyed creating it! Special mention goes out to Zacarina, you were so graceful in those heels! Staye tuned for weekly updates about what is happening in the classroom.